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Paintless Dent Repair

     'Paintless Dent Repair' or 'Paintless Dent Removal', also known as PDR, is the process used to permanently remove dents and dings from motor vehicles with the use of special tools and techniques that work the metal back to its original form without damaging the original finish. Thus, it is called 'paintless' because the dents are removed without the need of fillers, sanding or re-painting, which are methods traditionally used by 'body shops'.

     Not only is PDR faster and simpler, but it also costs less than traditional bodywork repairs.

     Because the original factory finish is preserved, so is the value of the vehicle.

     The ability to successfully remove dents and dings through Paintless Dent Repair requires training, skill, and experience. An untrained individual might actually crack, flake or create ripples in the paint and metal if attempting to repair dents at his own risk.

     Above all, Paintless Dent Repair is an art that requires patience, accurate vision and a detail-oriented personality. That is why it has been said to be the 'Cosmetic Surgery on Metal'.